Everything you need to know about sending us your timesheets

Questions? Simply email our payroll team or your recruiter

All timesheets are due by 10:00 a.m. EST every Sunday through the portal, by email or fax. We prefer you send all timesheets through your portal under “My Accounts.” But, you can also send them by email or fax, as follows:

Keep in mind, any timesheet turned in after the deadline won’t be processed until the next payroll run, which will be the following week. Which makes us sad. So, if you have any difficulties in submitting your timesheet, please contact your recruiter immediately.

Timesheet guidelines

You must have your name and the unit you worked listed with an authorized hospital representative signature on your timesheet. You must also sign the timesheet in the appropriate area. If the timesheet is not signed by you and the facility, we simply can’t process it, and you won’t get a paycheck as scheduled. So, it’s important to submit your timesheets on time and to keep any confirmation you receive after successful transmission of your timesheet.

Download the timesheet you need

These are PDF files and will require Adobe Reader to get them. Or, email your recruiter and they’ll send you the file.

Questions? We’re here to help. Just ask.