COVID-19 Travel Nurse Job Update

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According to The Guardian, November is set to go on record as the “..worst month of the pandemic so far in the US.” For travel nurses and healthcare workers on the frontlines, this is not the news they’ve been waiting for. Working overtime month after month due to the influx of patients, nurses nationwide have grown emotionally and physically weary.

Travel Nurse Jobs Paying $4,045 Per Week


In the last few weeks, Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities across the West and Midwest have hit crisis-level nurse shortages, resulting in flexible contracts options for nurses who can help. Contracts range anywhere from 1 week  to 5 months and are paying as high as $4,045/week for 36 hours.

Can You Help?

Thousands of new travel nurses have hit the road since the outbreak of COVID-19, and they’re joining 50k other travel nurses who are already covering gaps in care coast-to-coast. If you’ve ever thought about travel nursing, now is the time to explore your options.

Top 10 States Paying the Most, Right Now

  1. Maine: Contracts from 13 to 20 weeks
  2. Michigan: Flexible contracts up to 13 weeks
  3. Ohio: Contracts from 1 – 16 weeks
  4. Rhode Island: Contracts from 8 – 13 weeks
  5. South Carolina: Flexible contracts
  6. New Jersey: Flexible contracts up to 19 weeks
  7. New Mexico: 13 week contracts
  8. Arizona: Flexible contracts up to 13 weeks
  9. Missouri: Flexible contracts
  10. Connecticut: Contracts up to 19 weeks

Whether you’re interested in making travel nursing a career, or just want to earn more money in the short-term, now is the time to jump feet first into a travel contract. You’ll get the benefits of a full-time staff job, housing and relocation options, and the stability of earning top pay.

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If you’re experiencing any anxiety about travel nursing, or have lingering questions, start here: What is travel nursing? Or, reach out to us and we’ll connect you with one of our [awesome] Recruiters who’ll be happy to answer any question you’ve got.